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Georg Laudenberg - vocals
Alexander Breikrats - guitar & vocals
Christian Pirch - guitar
Nikolas Müller - bass
Pascal Azzolin - drums

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Exotherm convince with dynamic and varying Songs and vocals full of mutability that cover everything from melancholic passages to aggressive shouts.

Traditional Heavy, Power and Thrash Metal meet influences from several other Metal genres and some modern elements, but always without being NU. So the diversified songs and the catchy tunes appeal to a big audience.

Characteristic for Exotherm is the mood during their concerts. Singer Georg is a real entertainer, who lets the audience become a part of the show while on stage there is really something going on. Guitar player Alex with his scream cares for additional hardness and when the Band send up the temperature in the club by several degrees, everyone knows that Exotherm can set free a lot of energy in the audience. And that is where the band's name comes from…

Exotherm was born in 1998 by Alexander Braikrats (g, v), Christian Pirch (g), Nikolas Müller (b) and Pascal Azzolin (dr) in Wipperfürth (40km east of Köln / Cologne, Germany). Georg Laudenberg (v) joined 1999 with his amazing voice and his gift to move the audience.

Exotherm run the Band to shake the audience and have fun, what they proofed on many small and several bigger gigs and festivals. Their plans for the future are: playing even more gigs to set the audience on fire and writing even more good songs, which are not following any trends, but fulfil their ideas of good music.

The album "project 47" was released worldwide by the label "Limited Access Records" and there will be a new album in early 2006.

Demo (2000)
Album: project 47 (2002, unmastered)
Sampler: Visions of Metal II (2003)
Sampler: Joining Forces (2004)
Sampler: Breaking The Silence (2004)
Album: project 47 (2004, mastered)
Sampler: Heavy Rendez Vous Vol. 2 (2006)

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Exotherm | Project 47

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