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Daniel Wagner: vocals, guitars & loop programming
Stephan Breidenich: guitars & backings
André Kolf: bass & backings
Christoph Becker: drums & backings

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(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight - (official music video clip)
Supernova Day (official music video clip)
Butterfly (official music video clip)

Mayones, Walden, Gibson, Mesa/Boogie, Fryette, Line 6, Rocktron, Steph, EMG, Gretsch, Gibraltar, MF-Cases, VANS, WECO Pyro, Red Bull, studiVZ/meinVZ



Center TV

Album: The Dream I Live In
(Eat The Beat/Roadrunner 2004)
Album: Be Different Or Die
(Limited Access Records - 2010)


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Widescreen rock with killer melodies.

Finally it’s done! After long five years there is a new 4Backwoods album. Five years? Really? Anyway, the power rockers have played German festivals like Rock am Ring, Area4 or Rheinkultur every year. They toured through Germany with, as seen on N24, a Red Bull double-decker, wrote a song for the Cologne ice hockey team “Kölner Haie” (Cologne Sharks) and shared stage with Therapy?, CKY or Torfrock.

What else has happened? A lot! The independent movie producer Ully Fleischer choose the band’s music for his horror movie “Bloodbound” and produced the video clip “Crawlers” which was played on rotation on iMusic1. No new album in those days. In early 2009 4Backwoods finally decided to produce a new album. After a careful screening 13 out of 23 recorded songs are chosen plus a live version of their debut single “The Dream I Live In” to be part of “Be Different Or Die”. The album was mixed and mastered by Dennis Koehne (Woodhouse Studio, Revamp, Enemy of the Sun) except for the third single “Butterfly” which was refined by Uli Auer, too. Three singles? Yes, 4Backwoods and their new label Limited Access Records make no compromise and go the whole hog!

The first single was released on April 16, 2010 – a brilliant power rock version of Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight” as digital single. The video clip for the song was again produced by Ully Fleischer supported by comedian and “Switch Reloaded” star Peter Nottmeier. There’s even more to come! Immediately after the album release of “Be Different Or Die” on May 7, 2010 the band started the “Royal Soundz Tour” presented by Fererro. The tour started with an open VIP release concert at the Hard Rock Café in Cologne. “Supernova Day” as first own single followed in August and was presented live and on wide-screen at Europe‘s biggest computer games trade fair Gamescom. The singles were broadcasted at different TV and radio stations and the album received a lot of great reviews by the press.

This winter the third single “Butterfly“, a rock ballad with sensitive strings, followed with the new video clip. In December 4BACKWOODS finished the year with a fulminant support show for German chartbreakers The Bosshoss at the Philipshalle, Düsseldorf. 2011 continues with the success story, because on January 21 4BACKWOODS performed live at “Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten“, Germany’s most famous daily soap on TV viewed by nearly six million people and a chart entry in the Top 10 at iTunes and Amazon. If soft and sentimental or with fat guitar riffs and catchy hooklines with smash hit character – in 2011 4Backwoods are on the road to success!

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4Backwoods - Daniel Wagner
4Backwoods - Daniel Wagner
4Backwoods - Stephan Breidenich
4Backwoods - Stephan Breidenich
4Backwoods - Andre Kolf
 4Backwoods - Christoph Becker
4Backwoods Album Cover Be Different Or Die
4Backwoods Single Cover (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight
4Backwoods Single Cover Supernova Day
4Backwoods Single Cover Butterfly
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